Minecraft Java Edition マルチプレイサーバー 略称:間宮、まみや鯖 

Hi guys, welcome! Manmamiya(まんまみーや) means 'Mama mia' in Japanese characters.
This is a Japanese Minecraft server where you can play in survival mode. You can play either Java or Bedrock version!
Players often not good at foreign languages, but people who can follow our rules are welcome!

  1. Ages 14+, recommended 17+.
  2. Do not any cheating nor nuisance.
  3. Get resources in the shigen world. (資源ワールド, means resourse world)
  4. Set your ’Grief Prevention' claims before any constructing!
  Explanation:Youtube or our Wiki (Please translate on Google)
  (Attention: Setting tool is not a golden shovel but a wooden hoe!)

Additional rules are enacted our wiki, but they are written in Japanese. So if you cannot read it, translate on google or other service.

  • Easy rules
  • Perfect backups: SSD, HDD and other HDD.
  • Most huge world: 30x30 km, which is enough to completely fit New York City or Tokyo City. 
  • Never get lost: Left click with the workbench in your hand, you can return to town centre or home.
  • Faster minecart: Over 100km/h, and express railway networks equipped.
  • Get on minecart anytime: Right click any rails.

Manmamiya is surrounded by amazing architectures and equipped express railway networks which run more than 100 km/h!
Why don't you join here?

Best regards,