Minecraft Java Edition マルチプレイサーバー 略称:間宮、まみや鯖 

Welcome to YOUKOSO Manmamiya!
Manmamiya(まんまみーや) means 'Mama mia' in Japanese characters.

Here is a Japanese Minecraft server. (as survival mode)
Players often not good at foreign languages,
but people who can follow our rules are welcome!
(Attention: Forge and Optifine together cause to bug, unable login. Choose either it!)

  1. Ages 14+, recommended 17+.
  2. Do not any cheating nor nuisance.
  3. Get resources in the Shigen World. (資源ワールド, means Resourse World)
  4. Set your ’Grief Prevention' claims before any constructing !
  Explanation:Youtube or our Wiki (Please translate on Google)
  (Attention: Setting tool is not a golden shovel but a wooden hoe!)

Additional rules are enacted our wiki, but they are written in Japanese.
So if you cannot read it, translate on google or other service.

  • Easy rules
  • Perfect backups : SSD, HDD and other HDD.
  • Most huge world : 30x30km, 1.5 times the Special wards of Tokyo. 
  • But never go astray : Left click your workbench, and jumping home or town centre.
  • Faster minecart : Over 100km/h, and express railway networks equipped.
  • And get on anytime : Right click any rails.

Manmamiya is surrounded by amazing architectures and
equipped express railway networks which run more than 100km/h!
Why do not you join here?

Best regards,